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This Membership Cancellation Stipulation ("Stipulation") outlines the terms and conditions governing the cancellation of membership with Douglasville Boxing Club. When becoming a member during registration, you acknowledged and agreed to abide by the following stipulations in the event you wish to cancel your membership:

I am responsible for payment of my membership obligation. Failure to use the membership and utilize the club programs and facilities, which are available to me (us), does not relieve me of my responsibility for payment. The membership is nonrefundable in whole or in part.

Douglasville Boxing Club offers month-to-month membership. We are not responsible for tracking attendance. You MUST give 30 days’ notice in writing or email if you wish to discontinue services at the club; otherwise, you will continue to be responsible for monthly payments.

Completion of this cancellation form is your 30-day notification. Depending on your due date and the date of cancellation, an additional payment may be processed within this period. 

Please note that even after the cancellation of your membership, you remain responsible for any unpaid balances or outstanding fees accrued prior to the termination. The cancellation of your membership does not relieve you of the obligation to settle any financial obligations you may have incurred during your membership tenure. It is essential to ensure that all outstanding balances are settled in full to avoid any potential consequences or collection efforts.

Any outstanding fees, charges, or dues owed to Douglasville Boxing Club must be settled in full before the membership cancellation is considered final.

By canceling your membership, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Membership Cancellation Stipulation. It is your responsibility to review this stipulation periodically for any updates or modifications.

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